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2021-04-24 08:19:52 (UTC)

2nd Covid shot + 44 hrs 😊

So I got a msg indicating I pretty much shouldn't be suggesting to not get the shot. Pfffft!! This is an online diary. My diary that is public. If you listen to Dr. Diary, then you need a better place to get your information. I post on my real life events and sometimes my past. The choice is still yours so even though I was jokingly saying to not get the shot as an option, it is still an option so as adults, you make you choice that feels right for you.

Anyway, after about 44 hrs, I feel the same. The feeling of the bruise on my arm where I got the shot is still barely there. Again, no actual bruise but it feels like it but now if feels like it's only a size of a quarter now and much shallower. My good friend's husband that had the ill side effects also had chills, fevers, etc, etc. Same Maderna shot. If I see my friend that was ill at the gym today, then I'll know the side effects lasted less than two day. I'll update later.

In other more fun news, I tried the rose crystal my friend suggested. It actually was more of my curiosity and she didn't push it on me but I gave it a try. Charged it up on the sun and forgot I had worn it last night in bed. Holy Moly!! Not sure if it worked or just coincidence but I had one hell of a sexy dream. I was really good. I'm gonna keep this one to myself. All I can say it was a combo fantasy and blast from the past type of dream. So... yeah, gonna wear this thing a few more times for sure :)

Well, gotta get ready for gym. Chat later. Dr. Diary signing off for now.

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