This Is It - 2021
2021-04-23 00:00:00 (UTC)



I am SO lucky that C posted about remembering their classwork due today on their Snapchat story earlier today and I just happened to decide to watch it. Because I TOTALLY forgot about all the work I had to do. And y'all were gonna let me forget smh my head... (I kid, I kid - though I am genuinely glad something prompted my memory when it did. That could've been Very Bad)

I remembered late enough in the evening that my work was kind of rushed on things and I didn't really get to do any real commenting in the whole "Respond to 2 of your classmates" part of one of the assignments, but I got the major stuff that HAD to be done today (including a final project) done. I'll do my regular Spanish homework tomorrow with the 5% penalty that is totally fine with me I didn't accidentally lock myself into undergoing the whole ~Grade Forgiveness~ process.

I did think about filming a video today. I thought about it a lot. I did a couple of the background stuff that would help in the process - putting together the format for the add-on, watching other videos that provide some background on stuff, etc. But I never did actually sit down and talk to the camera. Too thrown off by the pile of work I specifically reminded myself of and then immediately forgot. I swear my brain has Gertrude Robinson up in there organizing all the information. What chaos

My cat has decided I am not allowed to look at the computer anymore (Not an unusual demand from him, you may have noticed) - This time he is literally standing on my chest and blocking my view of the screen. So I guess it is the end of computer time tonight

Just hoping the whole Thing tomorrow ends up being another really bad "joke"

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