taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-04-23 23:44:07 (UTC)

bathing in like a warm light

i feel like i want to write something important and/or poignant. you can thank the pseudoephedrine for that. and the fact that i'm still sitting on the big unsaid things about my modus operandi. that's probably a shit way to label the asd. i should be doing more studying and research and fucking documentation. I'll come across something on someone's instagram, a highly relatable autism characteristic, and think "hey i should add this to my power point presentation", and then the internet moves on. and immediately guy pierce in memento it. I mean, I screenshoted a few things.

did i mention I'm shit at explaining things?

y ep.


capitalism. capitalism put autistic people in a box. we don't compute in the normal function of capitalism. we aren't particularly profitable probably. not to speak for others but i'm willing to wager a larger share of the autistic population can see through the structures of capitalism and see how illogical and exploitative and limiting they are. and so we're dismissed.

also this entire post is a smoke screen for how that weird chest/abdomen, etc. situation from late december has seemingly returned and is not fun.

stressed. and not talking to any cute babes.