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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-04-23 19:33:24 (UTC)

She's just living - And it's beautiful❤️

Listening to: Hold me While you wait - Samantha Harvey
“The most wonderful moment in a woman’s life is when she realizes she can do whatever she wants and doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, and she doesn’t need anyone’s permission. She’s just living. And it’s beautiful”

Good Evening!🌙
Today has felt so long, likely because I have been up since 3:30 lol. It was a good day though. It was beautiful out and I went for a long walk in the park here. I ran a few errands on the way home and now just relaxing. I just baked a Strawberry rhubarb crumble and it's cooking in the oven. Yummy!

Work was busy until about noon and for the last hour, I just surfed lol. I saw my best friend E briefly as he came by to drop off my wallet that I left at his place yesterday. I ordered dinner in tonight as I do not cook on Fridays lol. I had a tarot card reading this evening and it was pretty cool. One of my girlfriends reads them but she's far better than I am. She's teaching me though. We did it over video chat since we cannot be together yet. We talked a bit about my nightmare about the demon last night. We both attended university at the same time. We were both in the same class in psychology. It was a really neat course on dream analysis. It was pretty interesting to talk to another about it. It gave me some insight. I love analyzing other's dreams but I have a hard time with my own.

Tonight? I am going to give myself a pedicure tonight. I bought some new nail polish and it is flip-flop season coming. Have to have pretty toes lol. Self-pampering is important. Think I will go do that now after I check on my crumble and probably go to bed early as we are leaving for the cottage early.

Much love❤️