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2021-04-23 12:16:32 (UTC)

Nightmare & Weekend Plans

Good Afternoon! ☀️
It's a beautiful day! I am working away for another 40 minutes then I am done for a few days. The sun is beating down on me here at my desk. It's been busy today and I finally just got everything done. Now I am just babysitting the emails til 1 then I am out!

I really need this lockdown to end. I need my nails done haha, I am making so many typos I have to retract once every few sentences lol. They are far too long. I was thinking of doing them myself but last time was a huge fail. I like my salon. She does a really good job.

I am now surfing more reno ideas for my cottage. So much I want to do. I have money set aside for all the things I want to do this time. I am hoping that the renos I am planning do not take from me spending time there this summer. If they start soon, they have a month or so to do inside what I want to do. We shall see.

I had a nightmare last night. It was really odd. It was about a demon lol He was in the woods next to a cabin that my friends and I had rented. One of my girlfriends was missing and we ventured out to try to find her. We did but she was quite traumatized and huddled against a tree, we lost our way trying to find our way back as this demon was taunting us. I do not know if we made it back haha. I woke, dangit lol. I am thinking these sleeping pills are a contributing factor lol.

Few errands to run today after I am done. Tomorrow my best friend E and I head up to the cottage to speak to my cousin and his friend about the renos. I am super excited about them. It's a longgg drive so not sure if I will write tomorrow or not but I will write more tonight.

Have a wonderful day!☀️