If I die today
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2021-04-23 05:40:32 (UTC)

do you want it

Yesterday at the bar I was greeted with an offer of mojito that I had been asking for every time I come in and theres always no mint sooo that changed my plans of trying the strawberry basil press. The mojito was unsasitifying just I feel like this bad in particular I dont often enjoy thier drinks. This was about 445ish and anyhow I ended up ordering a vodka and cranberry and food as well. Ugh. Food was tasty but leaves room for question allergy wise. Taco salad turned into a wrap. Ok so here's the deal both my drinks tasted pretty strong but mid one fo those drinks I texted my mom that I was concerned about the dvd reveiews that I want to get her for mothers day does she want to look at the link or just be supried. I really am disappointed on a few reviews of the aging backwards dvd's so I'm not sure if the DVD program is diffrent than the tv program or if really some people just dont like this lady. so anyhow this morning she answered send the link bc she doesnt want me to waste my money. Okay I'm so scatter minded the deal is I slept from probaly midnight till 430am ish.I took 3 of the 3mg wicked melations.. ( i really think this natrol brand is cursed or something isnt right spiritually so anyhow I call it weird names bc the withcraft and yet I keep finishing this bottle) I was texting with nDEa till about 11 when he got sleepy. I think he has plans for us bc he mentioned how he was thinking about me and how things will be diffrent and me I went down that road.... I said oh yeah itll be diffrent you;ll be free. not many people get this cance.. he goes yeah I didnt think I'd ever have another chance (see he's talking about me).. I said yup not many people escape a narssist. anyhow the way he texted about the diffence and second chance makes me wonder whats down the road for us. She'lll be gone on thee first according to plans. We will see what happens. So yesterday after work nDea came right over and we spent time together she's buggin the hell outta him about takin her out and going to dinner and she made plans for him this weekend I think he may have corrected some but approved the granddaughter visit on saturday night to stay he told me she cant have friday (eCarri). I asked him who's paying for dinner he said probaly me I was like dude thats a date he said well meh. blah gibberish stuff then I told him (friedns ) dont date. I told him about the strawberry dirnk I wanted and that I'll go grab it and drink it and run back is my plans. Obvisouly didnt workotu that way. He told me they had leftover ricebeans at home and drove to her new home and the looked at tv's. So I guesss his plans changed to I didnt ask why. I just asked how was dinner. so he offered a bit of info. Anyhow running yesterday was goodish I'm just tired and run down I did speed training first 10min or so then on the way back just interbal training at a pace for endurance it was about 20-25min total. My diet is cool I guess theres plenty of room for error. I should have finished that chicken soup last night after my one drink but dam. nope notta that didnt happen that way so anyhow I think the soup should be pitched. I've gotta figure out how to throw away soup. so anyhow I have another red spot on my chest now. I'm going to start trying to burn them off with paperclips heated up next week. Oh the rash might be the avc since I spray myself maybe the post shower lines on my legs are trails of acv I could have an allergy. I made a telehealth appoingmetn since there no chance of getting into my docotor in particular she will call tuesday at 10am nDea has scabies again they are treating him with pills now and again the doctors all think I need to be treated bc I have contact. He said he's not gonna treat unless eCarri is willing otherwise he will wait till after the first if she's not gonna do it. he wants to be done with this sh!t. I can kinda see where hmm maybe I'm infected but other times I'm like nah thats not whats up with me. But crap I might as well do it I'll let him foot the bill thou bc I'm in a pickle I gotta save I forgot my PO box renewal is due like around june. I also I'm thinking of cutting back drinking but IDK . For health reasons I can see how my liver may be upset just with my whole life history as a whole . Plus I wanna run. next week the first few days may not be great running weather thou so I"m gonna push to get that run in today maybe another 20min ordeal . I have shin pain in my left shin but not terribly bad I'm not sure whats going on but could be a strain a lot of things to consider and I am sorta a moron . In other news Im pretty distance from the LORD I need to straighten up and start to really pursue him and press in again. I think maybe nDea thing has me pretty occuopied and when not well i'm pretty discouraged and defeated the worlds kinda a sess pool and sh!tpit. Well I guess thats a wrap all the weirdness worht mentioning right now

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