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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-04-23 11:10:45 (UTC)

Ama, sort it out!

My highly sexualised boss, full of dirty innuendos, just asked me if I would like to meet up for a drink. Umm, now he made it come across as if it's colleagues meeting up. Still, I know him, and as fit and sexy as he is, he has made numerous sexual innuendos on the phone to me, and during our conference video calls, of course, he tones it down a bit on those, but he talks of/about/to me on them like we're great buddies and have that banter thing going on. I don't see him that way, though, the banter or anything else.

He asked me if I was okay, as I have been quiet. (We usually talk on the phone a few times a day during the working week, work-related, of course.) Haha, me quite, well yes, boss, I've been subtle because I've been busy getting fucked in more ways than one, LOL. My workflow is moving smoothly; my figures are flowing, im organised, even MORE, organised (if that's possible) to allow time for when I'm shafted up my bottom. Unfortunately, my boss knows I like it there, not because we talk like that to one another. Still, I had a conversation with him a while back whereby I was talking about financial turnover annually. He remarked with, "Haha, anally" *shakes my head* I replied, "Enough of that, I'm still sore" - lol, well he shouldn't have said anything! He was surprised and said, "Okaaaay!" and laughed. Swift subject change ensued, lol.

Anyway's, he said his marking in my calendar to go out for a drink. Whatever. I'm not shagging him, but I am thinking of taking up Ed's offer. I need some good sex, and I know he can give me that with no ties. He is fit and good looking and younger than me (34), but I'll never see Ed as anything more than my friend (or fwb). Not sure yet; Ed knows I'm thinking about it. A guy I've known for three years. He is single again, keen and texting a lot, but nah, he's not my thang, looks-wise. He might be in all other areas, but I know I don't have to settle for anybody. And to be fair, I'm not in any rush to dive back into the 'relationship' rollercoaster thing yet; I'm open to changes and new horizons, but as it stands, the only thing I'm thinking more about right now is sex.

French doors open, I'm working, and my kitty is stalking and hunting every fly, bee and insect moving in the garden. She almost shit herself when birdy flew down onto the fence. So funny!!! But, she is still very nervous, and I have to call her or stand by the french doors, and she dives back to me as a safety net. It's so cute!

My business is going well too, promotion running on two platforms, had a few more orders come in. I'm going to have to open a new bank account, I think, to monitor the sales, as they are coming in by different portals, not all from the store. I am still waiting on Amazon to give me the go-ahead on their homemade store for home-crafted products. Hurry, the fuck up, Ama!

So lovely in the sunshine again today!