This Is It - 2021
2021-04-22 00:00:00 (UTC)

Walk and Talk


Today was chilly out, which was unexpected with the recent weather, but not entirely unwelcome. I went for another walk today and managed another 5.8 miles. I spent a lot of this walk wondering if there are long enough nature trails nearby to go walk on those. I'm fine with my path now, but it might be fun to switch it up sometimes, y'know?

I wrote a response post in my group therapy discussion board that was like, 500 words and that's honestly the most work I've put into class in a while. Then I turned that energy to my own personal research stuff, which was fun too, but kept me up later than I initially wanted. I just got so wrapped up in the neuroscience...

Tomorrow's Friday, and a schoolwork-heavy day, I believe. Don't y'all let me forget I have Work to do. My grades never fully recovered from that one time I mixed up my days and missed a bunch of assignments. At least now I've reminded myself ahead of time, instead of noticing after.

Well, research is on pause now, I am going into sleep mood

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