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2050-02-10 21:02:00 (UTC)

Mechanical Bull Ride Challenge: Sofia M:

Aired: May 2, 2024
Evan F: Alright, Sofia is lost for the funishment challenge, and we have Sofia M for team class of 2026 for the team. So Sofia, wanna go for the bull ride?
Sofia M: Yeah.
Evan F: Okay, start for the bull ride.
(Sofia M sits on the mechanical bull)
Evan F: It begins, 3, 2, 1! Bullseye!
(The mechanical bull starts turning around)
Daphne L, Nadine R, Geovanna G: Aye aye aye aye!
(The mechanical bull stops turning around and Sofia Falls)
Evan F: 8 point 24 seconds! Not bad. Great job for the bull ride!
Sofia M: Thank you!