my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-04-22 19:06:22 (UTC)

anything is possible.

I was able to wake up early today. Actually, Iı woke up "too early". Because my father woke me up because of his online classes. So, I had to left my bed quickly. By the way, I told him that he can use the laptop in different parts of the house. I think it wasn't a good idea, because he told that using the laptop in different parts of the home is not comfortable. I'm not comfortable,too. Because I usually get up early because of my father lessons. Actually it is good for me, but nowadays I want to sleep more -because of Ramadan- if I don't have lessons in the mornings. Also, none of my father's students join his lesson. I'm jonining my classes on phone almost 4 hours a day. Anyway, I couldn't tell all of these stuff.

I also had a English quiz today. To be honest, it was supposed to be great. Because I always write something in English, and practice a lot, you know. But my exam was awful. I got 30/48. After that stupid quiz stuff, I talked with my friends and my brother after that. We couldn't talk a lot. He was busy. Then, I joined rest of my online classes. Maths was perfect. The teacher appreciated me, and that made me happy.

After math class, I read a book. I also studied physics and German. I can't study so much these days. I mean, I can't focus. Tomorrow is a kind of official holiday here. Because tomorrow will be a national day for us. Normally we have a curfew at the weekend, but the government set a curfew on Friday,too. I' not hopeful for the future of my country.
So, I'll have lots of time for tomorrow. I want to think, and plan a new progam for myself. I'm changing my study and routine plans frequently nowadays, because I'm looking for the best option for me.

I completed my studies for today, and I ate dinner. I was going to write my philosophy term paper in the evevning. As you can guess, I didn't do that. I joined a live stream on Instagram. Of course, it was about pshycology and neuropsychology. It was a nice evening for me. I wanted to write a long comment at the end of the event, but it was cancelled quickly. Maybe next time :')