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I Hate Middle School
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2021-04-21 16:26:31 (UTC)

AiR tEsTiNgGgGgGgGg

I'm back children,

bonjour... Idk I was gonna stop writing this to play charades with the rest of my pride class (pride is my schools' version of a homeroom) but then I remembered how much I really hate people so now I'm back to complain to whoever reads this. They're all so loud and were doing girls V/S boys except there are 6 boys and 16 girls so it's super unfair too. I feel kinda bad and I wanna volunteer to go onto the boy's team but then again I'm always on my Chromebook so I'm not exactly a huge help. I've been writing this in the span of two days and I just finished the last part of the test and I've gotta say it wasn't that bad honestly. For all the crying kids and panic attacks it was really calm and just nice. We just sat there for an hour and 45 minutes reading, answering questions, and then writing an essay. I guess I'd prefer if we were able to pick our topics but I like writing essays so whatever. I'd just like to point out how loud it still is. I'm playing music in my headphones and I don't want to play it so loud they can hear what I'm listening to but I can barely feel the beat of the music let alone actually enjoy it. By the way, if you wanna know what I'm listening to, I'm currently in this weird phase where... idk just the music isn't what I normally listen to at all. It's gonna last for like a week then switch generes and repeat. So we've got Alejandro by lady gaga, Babushka by kate bush, Little Dark Age by MGMT, and all this... idk it's just a weird vibe but I like it so whatever. I've gotta go to lunch now so I guess I'll write again soon.