If I die today
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2021-04-22 05:50:38 (UTC)

streaky legs

Well yesterday I had quite the scare. So After running with compression socks. I got in showered same old same old thing then ate I made a chicken roll up one wrap 2 chicken tenders plain (reall chicken tenderiolons) spinach and cheese. Carrots on the side. After running thou on the walk back I had already had a banna as well before geeting home to hit the shower. So I was kinda really amused by a call for glitter kittens on yourtube while my wrap was heating in the toaster oven I kept getting up and down but I started to get these red streaks I cant describe them other than it looked similar to stretch marks right now the middle of both legs thru my thigh toward the ankle both legs got streaks. I sat down they eased up. I had shorts on since the shower I was wearing pants running. I wore these freakin walmart athletic shorts after the run. I'm personally into cotton thou but theese were old mesh style shorts. The run was good other than some allergies I mean seasonal style I did like 18to 20min intervals then I finshed until 30 min doing much shorter speed traning intervals. so Running as fast i could to get to the next what I call landmark then walking it out a few seconds or longer if needed. Theres so much on my mind and my oatmeal is ready but its hotter than blazes lol bc I used frozen blueberries and then made the oatmeal and tossed it in the toaster oven so I have a few minutes or so I can eat and type I can eat n do all kindsa weird sh!t haha. Ive been up since 430a. I['m stretched already had d3 and idione beets then yogurt I stretched jsut tryin to get into the ay. okay so anyhow nDea is worried about scabies again he's tired of whatever is ailing his skin he called the doc days ago they just got him appt for today yesterday but he's been slef treating with aloe and doesnt hve complaints now . SO maybe I have scabies? Idk I'm kinda a head in the ground type person. Also so I did research and I broke down and peed on a stick I'm not pregant.. duhhh (since I have had sufirges and tubes tied blah blah something about an ablasion ) I took some pamprin to in case I was haveing allergies bc these streaks were freaky and plenty of little bugs river nat like things while i was running yesterday. anyhow that all that after the pamprin it wasnt 30min the streakin disappeared so thankfully I neever sounded the alarm and tried to get help all i told nDea was I thought I had a rash but it was a mistake it was alleriges went away with allergy meds. (Pamprin has an anithistimine in it) Anyhow took 1 three3mg quick dissolive melation at 830 last night too. Ive been feeling bad bc I told me mom that I would send her info for her chouir directer when I had my drinking spell about the landlord drama so I jsut sent it this morning. I am struggling wwith the whole carpet situation and the fact my little robot doesnt get up chunks like I spilled almonds and raisnes yesterday but swept them up. I cant decide it these furbrush type rubber brushes on amazon are worth it or not its almsot 13$ but I want soo much so IDK I gotta keep thinking . We had tony's tacos yesterday and IDK why but we had to get some for eCarri so whatever. Its okay Ill support him in whatever he needs to do but its utter bullshit she doesnt want him having me in the car well whatever if you want your f'ing food then get over it big old baby cant feed herself. I think thou I need to chill I didnt say anything to him I just went along with it . I did pray on the wqay there thou in my head and well we got there he took the food in it was uneventful. so I cant complain. just the idea of it all I dont unerstand why she deserves a dam thing and the time of day it was 20$ for the whole thing for all of us on his exspence. so wasnt a big deal and I have to accpet his finaniaces are his concern. well we had sex but like I wanted to give him some attnetion so I turned out the tv and everything for us. Still akward with the furniture and I'll always feel like diry about it . I'm a fool dont' know how to live but thats that. We had a good time thou. Im kinda ready to eat so will move along with that but this streaky thing is interesting I wold like to do the same sorta run today but the wind is at 9 so Its borderline more than Id preeffer plus that construction but thats my goal so gotta get nourished n such.