This Is It - 2021
2021-04-20 00:00:00 (UTC)

No Cleaning Joke. Just Frustration


I feel obligated to make a 420 joke here, even though I don't smoke because I don't wanna be left out so - Ha ha funny number day

I got the last dog all washed up and washed her bed's blanket out too, so I really am hoping that cuts down a lot of the flea discomfort going on until my mom's able to get someone to come out and treat the yard for those tiny menaces. She hated the bath, by the way. She's so old and pathetic and makes me feel evil every time I wash her because she just hides in the corner of the tub and cries. It's so sad I wish I could explain why bath time is good for her.

In wider news, Derek Chauvin was found guilty in court today! Kind of really upsetting to think about living in a place where restricting someone's airflow for nine minutes and killing them on VIDEO isn't an obvious sentence, because you can get away with murder if you have a badge to your name. I know some people are very celebratory right now, and I'm certainly glad he's facing consequences for his actions, but this one ruling didn't fix the whole broken system. A teenage girl was shot four times and killed by police today as well when she called them to break up a fight. Cops have some feeling of untouchability, like they're not bound by the same laws (and MORALS) that the rest of us our held to. Chauvin was one man, but his actions were not unique in the force. The whole thing's corrupt at this point. Something BIGGER has to change.

Anyway that's the end of my little political (And why is it "political" to say that people shouldn't be allowed to murder other people just because they have a certain job?) aside here. I'm hardly awake here. It's...5am? I really need to go to sleep

Tonight I'm thinking of the ones who should've been allowed to fall asleep tonight, and wake up tomorrow, and live their lives, but can't. Because someone with a badge and a gun and a power complex stole that from them

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