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2021-04-21 16:10:59 (UTC)

Road Trip!

Listening to: Beautiful - Bazzi
"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"
Good Evening!🌙
The above quote has always been a favorite of mine. When I am going through a difficult transition I am reminded of this quote. You have to let go to explore the new. I also love the ocean. It's my serenity, my escape, my safe place. You will forever find me near the water, whether at my cottage or the lake. There is nothing that calms my soul more than the sound of water lapping at a shore or waves coasting along the ocean. I have been on many cruises and am so excited to return to them whenever it's safe to do so. I always book a balcony as my favorite part of my cruises is late nights and early mornings on my balcony with a hot tea and listening to the water or watching sunrise, sunset.. It's such a tranquil feeling. I prop my balcony door open while I sleep and listen to it. You are not supposed to but many people do. I miss it so much. Last night I fell asleep to the "Calm" app, the sound of the ocean playing until I fell asleep. It was such a calming feeling taking me back but it made me miss it even more.

That said lol, We woke to a few cms of snow but it was gone by mid-day. I am hoping this is the very end of the snow for this season. I want the warm weather we had last week. I am feeling so tired today but managed my workout and run a few errands (essentials only Mr. Ford) I just finished making dinner and now going to relax and do some reading. Tomorrow I am going to E's house to help him paint his living room. He has a few days off after today and has been putting it off so I told him we would get it done. He told me he wants to redecorate, how it feels so unlived in. I told him I would help and we can make it home for him. I helped him with his last house too, he loved it. He said "I'll give you my credit card and you can buy whatever you think we need" I laughed and grabbed my phone, He said.. "What are you looking up?" I said "Louis Vuitton" lol, He whipped a pillow at me lol So we are going to start with painting since we cannot shop for the furniture and decor yet. I am so thankful for his friendship. He's been one constant in my life. His unconditional love and friendship.

Speak of the devil, he just sent me a text. I have been needing to go up to my cottage as I am considering more reno's again this year. I did some this past summer and over the past few days, I been considering more and got in touch with the contractor who did the last one who happens to be related lol. He texts me today and said he had time on Saturday if I wanted to meet up to discuss them. I know from looking into it. That is allowed as it's a property I own that I am traveling to. So I text E earlier to see if he wanted to go with me, He just responded now he would. Sweet, settled, Road trip!! I am going to spend lots of time there this summer as I can work remotely. I am excited! I have some pictures I printed off of what I want. I hope it's doable. We shall see Saturday. My uncle owns the cottage next to mine. He takes care of it when I am not up there as they live there all year. It will be good to see them too (socially distanced of course lol) I had a video chat with my uncle today too and discussed what I was thinking of and he's looking forward to me being there more.

For now? I am going to go do dishes and maybe go on the rower for a bit, then shower and relax for the evening.

Have a wonderful night! ❤️

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