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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-04-21 20:23:43 (UTC)

My People xxxxxxxxx

The value of genuine friends I believe if I had nothing at all in the world, friends would be my wish. My friends, you have been a vital support bubble when life has decided to home its target at me. It is fitting I offer the same respect back to you whenever needed. I think people can show their true intentions over time; again, time is our best friend. My friends, who I call my people, I've known you for years. My closest friend, you are a dick right now, but I know we'll be fine; we always are. And my other pals who until recently I never leant on you for anything. Thank you! I was struggling, I reached out to you, and you opened your arms to me. Both a mixture of male and female, you have given me your intelligent, unbiased viewpoints and advice and shown a magnitude of thoughtfulness, understanding and selflessness. I am humbled by you and appreciate each of you, as you well know.

I'm glad I called that lady a few days ago to join a running/hiking group. The fact they get together on weekends and explore the countryside is something I need in my world. The lady was so charming and welcoming, and I'm looking forward to meeting up with them all this weekend. Because the group's age range spans from people in their twenties to fifties, it will suit me. I want to meet more people in my local area, and I also want to explore more of the countryside, so even better with people who enjoy that also. When the lady mentioned they don't just do running and hiking, they also meet up for restaurant dinners, pubs, cinema and more. I was excited, great stuff! Yes, I want to be involved with that too.
I thought about it and realized I hold no anxiety or care much for turning up alone and meeting these new people. I'm excited about meeting new people, most likely friends too.

Edward, you've been a simmering flame every day this week, phoning me and texting me. Although you have that offer on my table, I know you're not all about that, and to be fair, you have never been; again, time has shown that over the years. You've supported me, and in a way that has not made me cringe or either seeking a goal from it. Your genuine, male perspective has been beneficial for me. You know me well for a few years now and said some things to me that helped me when I felt low, and it's easy to understand you, so it's always an easy conversation with you. Your offer of an ear whenever I need to talk regardless of your home/work life responsibilities is appreciated. And it makes me smile when you laugh when I ask you, "Whatcha after, aye?" and you replied, "You've never given it to me, so I'm here, regardless." Funny guy, you are, lol.

Despite, everything I am still missing 'my guy' but at the same time, still living my life with plans in place ahead, but it doesn't detract that the nights and mornings are the hardest, even if I am chatting on the phone to my friends and they are distracting my thoughts away from him. I love them all; they are a beautiful bunch of people. My people.

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