my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-04-21 18:38:30 (UTC)

what did i do

Today was too fast. I don't know what did I do today, but the evening came suddenly. Today, I woke up early because of my online classes. They weren't so good because of the internet connection. Then, I went to my grandmother to take away some food to her. I didn't stay there so much. I told her that I must do shopping for the home. If I didn't say that, she wasn't gonna let me go out. Actually, I didn't want to do that while fasting but I think I "had to" lie.

After coming home, I studied physics, chemistry, and German. Then, I read book and ate dinner. Now, I'm writing this diary. And after completing writing my ordinary day, I'll drink some coffee. Maybe I can sleep after that. Also, my father is watching a live stream about exchange programs. Now, he is talking about going to abroad and importance of improving ourselves etc. He also says that we should learn foreign langages etc.
I really love my hometown, my country, my culture... but I'd like to go abroad in the future and I'm searching about that. Actually, I'm a little bit hopeless about my success. Because I can't see the future. I have to live the story. I hope I can handle all of the difficulties. If you read my previous diary, you know I'm trying to search for opportunities and career plans. I'm interested in neuropsychology nowadays. I'm always feeling good signs to searched about these topics. On weekend, I want to listen some podcasts about this.

What would my father think if he see me while writing a diary in English? I'm not sure.
By the way, I've just learnt that I have an English quiz tomorrow. Actually, I'm a little bit nervous. I trust my English and knowledge, but I'm not sure whether I can get up early or not.

Lastly, Id like to add an uptade. I completed 78% of my philosophy term paper, and I wrote an essay for my English homework.