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2021-04-21 08:15:32 (UTC)

Another Mellow start to a mellow day 🙂

Quiet night and a quiet day so far. Not too many meetings today so I can actually get some stuff done. Woke up early meaning I get a longer morning coffee zen moment. I did wake up early to the sounds of garbage trucks because it's pickup day but it's all good. Doing my normal morning routine. Get up, feel the muscle aches from the workout the day before and wobble to the kitchen to make coffee. Going #1 and not worried about the toilet seat being up because I'm running solo here and no need to worry about the toilet seat being up or down. If you're ever a visitor at my house, you have been warned. hehe. 😅

Yesterday's gym session was good. I tried lifting heavier. We did one legged kettlebell RDLs, side planks with dips, arm presses (I think that's what they're called), and something they called 21 bicep curls (7 full, 7 bottom 1/2 only, and 7 top 1/2 only). Cardio in between stations. All good. Overdid it in the single leg RDL because my hamstrings really feel it this morning but overall I'm felt strong yesterday. I really need to try to get a normal night's rest. Simple enough to do and I do know better. This is just as important and working out but yeah...I'm stupid at times. A few of us had dinner afterwards.

A few misc things I did I guess I forgot to mention this week. Told Heidi I'm not going to the Maui trip they organized. Took my truck in for a 10K and a bunch of Toyota employees came to check out my truck. I thought one guy was the guy taking my truck in for service but he said he was a salesman and just checking out my truck. Cool. As long as he didn't give me the speech about reaching out and wanting to buy my truck and selling me a new one. I think the entire world got that email already. Hehe. Subscribed to Youtube meaning I don't get those pesky commercials anymore. I spend a lot of time on it so I may as well get the commercials out of the way and I've been done with watching the mainstream media stuff. Seems pointless. May as well watch paint dry than to watch those.

I've been reading a few posts on this site. There has been a few more than usual hurting from a failed or failing relationship. Some reminiscing about the past which actually hurts them even more. I sometimes get stupid and do it at times when something triggers it. But I do feel bad for them. Been there before. Hopefully one day they find their happiness and realize it's not by being with someone. That can of course enhance your life but being happy inside all by yourself is what they need to find first. The rest is gravy. And not having to worry about having the toilet seat up or down helps. You less thing to worry about. 🤣