Do I have no more emotion
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2021-04-21 04:41:22 (UTC)

You want me to care?

Every time I want to talk to you about my day, you seem to be in another world and not listening, and when you are you shut me down or get annoyed. It’s like you don’t like to hear me, one day you will wish that I would be telling you about my day.
When I tell you when it’s you and you want to talk I hear you out, you say “ you’re right” and that you should be more patient and you don’t want to fight. Of course you don’t want to fight because its not me that hurt your feelings. now you want to talk?, because it’s YOU talking. No, I don’t want to hear you or care what you have to say. if you don’t care when I’m trying to talk to my HUSBAND! Why should I
You now want to cuddle? No, get away I don’t care if you’re tired and feel lonely. Why? Because you don’t care about what I’m feeling! Now you ask if I can turn off the tv so you can sleep? But when I ask you don’t?! And now that you asked I have to turn it off! I told you hope next time I ask you do the same, of course I can see your face pissed off.
I’m at that point where I’m going to give it back the way you give it to me. Maybe just maybe one day you’ll get it, don’t take me for granted!

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