taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-04-21 01:10:55 (UTC)

vaxx me right in the arm hole

much to my surprise, something actually worked in this gd province and I am booked in for a mother fucking vaccination. pretty jazzed. feeling jazzed about science! if you'd of asked me a year ago. man... bro. they still gotta release the patents and grant fucking access to poorer counties. and the free advertising these pharma giants are getting is not lost on me. not to mention billions of doses. fuck. regardless, it feels good man. my agoraphobia has a robustness to it, the kind you get after 14 months of (end times fun) pandemonium. i welcome the 5G gates microchip with open cells.

partaking in some 420 currently. blazin. the edibles hitting just right all day. you love it. food tasting better. been having a wonky few days, but today..

yeah, it's been an actual good day. increasingly rare. well deserved ... still a tonne of really dark, depressing, painful, things going on at home and abroad, but today was a choice for, life. *ewen mcgregor voice*


just had a thought about masking. oh man. edible dialing it up a notch. 🏃

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