my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-04-20 20:55:53 (UTC)

long time no see

I missed to be here so much. I had some problems about my internet connection. So, I wasn’t here for a short time. Anyway, I’m here for now and I’ll continue to share my life.

I was sleepy in the morning. I lost my organized sleep hours because of Ramadan, but it makes me still peaceful. I don’t have online classes on Tuesday mornings, but I had to wake up early today. Because my father is a teacher, and he has online classes too. By the way, I don’t understand him. Why does he want to teach in my room?
My computer is a laptop, and he can start his lesson in somewhere different, like the living room.

Anyway, today I didn’t study a lot. I solved a few questions about maths and physics. Then, I went out with my mother. Actually, we had some conflicts during the trip but it was still enjoyable.

I couldn’t study a lot, because I saw a post on Facebook. They were looking for left handed volunteers for a neuropsychologic reseaech. I’d like to join, but I don’t live in United Kingdom. I wrote this, because I remembered my goal again.

I’d like to study psychology, and be interested in neuropsychology. I think it is cooler than therapy sessions. I searched about it all day. I hope I can choose my way in the future.

In the evening, I was too excited. My crush wrote to me. We weren’t talking for 2 weeks. I hope something will be like in the old times. (btw im still unsure about my feelings)

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