Being Sam
2021-04-20 18:53:09 (UTC)

Good for the soul, or bullshit?

I've been pretty productive the last few weeks in the mornings. Getting up before 6am to get ready (doing something with my hair and makeup so I don't look like the zombie I've replicated during lock down) taking the dog out for a walk and heading into the office. I love seeing and talking to people properly again, even if there are only a handful of people in at the minute. Getting up and getting some fresh air and exercise in the mornings has been good for me though. I get to the end of the country lane and the sun is still coming up properly and I can hear the birds and Wendy's little feet pattering around me and there's nothing but birds and the sky and the sunshine and fields all around me and as silly as I might sound, I just feel happy to be alive. Lol Reading that written down looks daft but honestly...every morning I've just been taking it in and I head home feeling good so I don't care what it sounds like, it feels good for my soul.

I took the girls to Curbar in the Peak District early Sunday morning and by the end I could see that Izzy was feeling it too. She had stood at the cliff edge and taken in a big breath and just...been, for a moment and I was like..yes! She gets it! It's good for her soul too. Beth, on the other hand, wasn't feeling it at all and mentioned several times that her legs were "at 10%" and just as we were heading back to the car, I said to her "did you not enjoy the walk, Beth?" And my 6 year old replied, nice and casual "I did for the first hour or two but this whole walk back I was just thinking 'this is bullshit' in my head" :|

It wasn't my finest moment as a parent but I burst out laughing while she quickly told me "I just thought it in my head though! I know I can't swear out loud" and honestly it made me crack up even more. I mean, I'm definitely going to have to have a chat with her because a 6 year old should NOT know what bullshit means and be able to use it appropriately but I also know I NEED to stop making swearing a normal part of my speech too.