If I die today
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2021-04-20 07:59:46 (UTC)

thats quite a combonation

I got out of bed just before 7 this morning after waking up around 630 before that I saw 2 and 3 and 333a also but I've benn functional for a few hours I suppose I'm stretched fed had all my vitimians. Yesterday I got overwhelmed and around 3 pm went for a drink I was gonna grab a white claw or something but traffic was rough so didnt make it to the store. I made it to the bar and no mojoitios they;re telling me mint is out of season and its indefintly out so 2 momisma's I had . Then around730 or 8p I had 1 flexeril for a headache I did feel TMJ tension and then just when I got sleepy 830 1 of the creepy quick dissolive vodu witchcraft natrol melation. I was alseep by 9 . Then this morning I did for stretches a little bit of free style I sorta guided with classical stretch but varried off on a few tihngs like focused on 1 and skipped some I did mobility and joint pain relif kinda instructional olny videos so it wasnt a workout you have to make it a workout by completeing them so I cherry picked what I wanted to focus on. So yesterday nDEa texted me I missed it it said do you want me to come fixe the stove. I got it a half hour or so later said I'm using the stove so 15 or 20min well this was lunchtime so about 1130 then Elauri from the office knocked on my door gave me a workorder and a schpeel abuot filling them out for maitnemence and that she's tryin to detur people from going straight to nDea and she gives him the wokr when its ready blah balh theres people in front of me. I just blew her off bc she didnt know what she was talking about or did she. SO Sunday I textedd nDea when I was making lunch that itll be like a hour I sent him a pic my burners arnt lighting up so he volunteered to get me new ones and that he has a bunch we'll take em all in (Monday) and go thru and find some that work. I was not looking for him to fix it or exspecting it and I didnt bother him Monday about it bc I can handle it. Anyhow so thats that then she comes back at like 1245 after my short walk and she said she wants to look at the stove so whatever I just said yeah sure then she goes oh nDea's really busy we gotta order a part I just wanted to see and on her way out this is what paniced me she goes oh I know you wanted that apartment befoer and were looking to move Id be willing to let you out your lease early just let me know. She didnt givve a reason or nothing. She also didnt demand I leafe she said I know your paiad thru may but we'll work it out. Anyhow so I'm not sure she's never been in here before maybe she wants the apartment maybe she wants me to leave and she knows nDea doesnt have a roomate IDK I'm still kinda freaked out but I talked to my mom at the bar on the phone and she doesnt htink I need to worry nDea is saying not to worry I think I'll call the aprtments today and make sure I'm still on the waiting list . I want to run today I'm so unsure what I want to do chorewise but I'll get something going reall soon . nDea has an appointment to get his car fixed but he's suggesting he wants to visit IDK. I'm not sure if I'll want a drink today or not but we'll see right now I'm not paniced. I'm still kinda heavy and groggy but thats what I sort exspected.