This Is It - 2021
2021-04-19 00:00:00 (UTC)

Mallows, Walk, Clean


Another day of bustling about and NOT sleeping for all hours - hurrah

Initially I re-vacuumed the house (part of our "vacuum, shampoo, wait for cleaning solution to dry, re-vacuum" carpet plan). Then my sister and I did a fun little Walgreens run, since I believe they restock on Monday mornings. I couldn't decide if I wanted to get the dragonfly squish (my dad loved dragonflies) or the cute little turtle (I really love turtles) - so I ended up grabbing both. And the mail today brought my depop squish in too! So my collection ended up three squishes higher today (up to 13 now, I think, if you count the off-brand squish as well).

Here I am all excited about these little soft stuffed animals and my cousin that's only two months older than me got engaged to her high school sweetheart a couple days ago. I feel we are living VERY different 21st years here. I'm happy for her though, they're super good together. Just really weird to think of myself as being old enough to get married/have kids/etc.

Worked on getting my dogs all clean and trying to tackle this whole ~flea~ problem. Got a couple of the pups washed, along with all of their blankets, and the third dog is sleeping on my bathrobe (she likes to nap on it anyway) until her blankets are done and she is Bathed and Brushed. Fighting this is starting to become just as frustrating as fighting lice was years back. And that SUCKED.

To un-bug out, I went on a walk again. I was good about walking somewhat regularly back in the fall, but I fell off of it (ha ha, get it?) - Got about 5.8 miles down in a little less than two hours, which isn't SUPER far/fast, but I think it was pretty decent for a return go. My legs hate me now though. I've definitely got to do some stretches before I go to bed or I won't be able to move tomorrow. And I have to move! I have to wash my remaining puppy (my little ancient 15 year old puppy)

Off to do those stretches, I suppose

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