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2021-04-19 20:20:29 (UTC)

A little drama and the heat! 😓

Lack of energy today. Started off weird. Ex texted and asked if I still have my Acura! WTH?! I just washed and polished it so I thought it was a weird thing to ask. If she said she wanted me to give it to the girl because she don't have a car yet, then fine. I'd just have my mechanic do a overall check and fix whatever might be going bad then I'd hand it over. Never got a reply though when I said yes and why? Normal standard operating procedure for her. My other text was from Carrie. She's the weird one that just came over one night for a bootie call. We just danced and kissed but it was weird and out of the blue. So this text from her said "Random question but are you Hawaiian?" What the heck are people smoking these days? Out of the blue, she asks that? We've known each other for years but we aren't close. Same as the ex with the car.... Hmmmmm. Dunno what is going on with that. The full moon isn't till next Monday so it can't be that. 🥴

The gym was extra tough today. Jack knife. TRX I, Y, and Ts. Felt the burn in my arms/shoulders on that one. Landmine squats with an overhead press. Dang!! I wanted to just drop the weights. The heat was too much for me. I lose 20% of my energy when it's hot. Just 89° but no fan/ac because although indoors, it's the Covid thing so can't have fans or a/c blowing. By the time for our 4th routine, I was drained. It was rowers and coach wants us below a 2:00 min pace. Good thing I was sitting because it was getting a little dizzy so being on my butt kept me from tipping over. I was spent for sure. Then the extra laps between these routines didn't help at all. Maybe I should stop drinking at night. Haha!! Not!!! I know it'll only get hotter as summer arrives so I better man up. All I can do it get my big water bottle cooler and ice that thing up so it at least will help me with it being cold cold 🥶.

Finally, I subscribed to Youtube so no more commercials. I'm on it enough so I may as well get those pesky commercials out. I think it's $10 a month. I don't watch CNN, Fox, nor most biased news stuff. The days of Walter Cronkite are gone. So Youtube is where I now go for learning things in lieu of the distorted mainstream media. Well, it's time for dinner. Not sure what I'll eat yet. Last night was good. 15 min and dinner was served. Heat up my cast iron pan, season steak while it's heating up then fry each side fro 3.5 min. While cooking, I chop up some onions and mushrooms so I can use the caramelization from the steak and make at yummy topping for it. After I pull my steak and start to sauté my onions/mushrooms, I nuke some broccoli in my steamer. Great meal and done so quick. Can't complain. I'm sure some red wine was involved too.

Tonight? Meh.... a little tired and lazy. Well, more like really lazy so I don't know what I want for dinner. I'll get hungry soon enough so my lazy ass will make something then.

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