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2021-04-19 19:46:24 (UTC)

Something's been on my mind

Listening to: Hold me while you wait- Samantha Harvey
"You have so much love in your heart to give..Give some to yourself"

Good Evening!🌙
I am exhausted! I had a busy day but it's calm now and I am just relaxing. The widespread outage of Rogers kept me from working the second half of my shift so I basically got paid to scroll Tiktok haha. I ran my errands then hit the grocery store then home. It is still down tonight. Odd it goes down during the pandemic. My cell phone is another provider but my home internet is Rogers. It's weird, some sites I can access, some I can't.

There is something I been wanting to talk about. Something has been on my mind..

There is something going around that seems to be flooding social media is the April 24th R***e Day. A group of six men on TikTok have reportedly designated April 24th as a "national day" for carrying out sexual assault. They have claimed that on April 24, 2021, it's legal to sexually assault anybody — and they even provided tips on how to do so.
It's unclear who is responsible for starting the trend. However, a number of social media users have been making TikTok videos to help get the word out that this "national day" could pose a threat on April 24th.
I cannot even get myself to type it as I am a survivor of it. At first, when it was streamed weeks ago, I thought it was bullshit but with time and research, it IS a thing. A real thing confirmed by the police. Who the actual f*** has such a sick twisted mind to create this? this is not a trend. This is a brutal act of violence. Who gives you the right? What if it was your mother, your daughter? your sister? Would it be funny then?? Please, if you are in on this, just don't. You do not know the emotional damage you will cause. Women? you have the right to defend yourself at any cost. If I was licensed to carry here in Ontario, on this day, I would. I am not a supporter of guns by any means but you have a right to protect yourself. Carry pepper spray ladies. If you find yourself in a situation where you are scared. Find someone, another man, another woman..go to them, hold on to them...Men? If a woman approaches you and grabs your arm, protect her, please.. It makes me leary to go anywhere outside my home on that day but I won't let another man have that control over me.

Well, I am off for the night, thank you for all the supportive feedback. Much love!❤️