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2051-09-14 20:46:00 (UTC)

Floribama Shore: Acting: Friends Thurs Game:

Friends Thurs airing: May 6, 2021
Episodes as shown for taking turn:
Pick a season and a episode number to make a scene. $10 for the win.
May 6, 2021:
1) Katelyn Deering and Andres Cota: Season 2 episode 3
2) Evelyn Black and Jennifer Razo: Season 1 episode 2
3) Anissa R and Eugenia Fernandez: Season 1 Episode 4
Winner: Katelyn Deering and Andres Cota
Powders to lose for the contestants: Rolando Ruiz and Enrique Lopez
May 13, 2021:
1) Rolando Redona and Camila Redona: Season 2 Episode 7
2) Brooke Ashley M and Emilio Sal: Season 2 episode 9
3) Chris Reyes and Karina A: Season 1 episode 5
Winner: Chris Reyes and Karina A
Powder to lose for the contestants: Brooke Ashley M and Emilio Sal.