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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2021-04-19 10:43:50 (UTC)


Good Morning! ☀️
At work and it's quiet. Nice start to the day. Finished up what I had to do and now just babysitting emails. I sit directly in front of a large window and it looks so beautiful out. I woke at 5 am and had a tea, relaxed then went for a run in the park here. It was a bit chilly but felt so good. I clocked just over 3kms. Not bad! I was sad to hear that the Color Run and the Mud Run were canceled this year due to the dang pandemic. Sucks, I was really looking forward to them. I have done them in the past and wanted to do them again this year. They are so much fun. Although from the Color Run, I end up with color-stained skin for days. I got smart after the first time and started wearing a bandana on my hair. It's not fun to get out of blonde hair lol

Last evening I decided to disconnect and put my phone down and enjoy a movie with my puppies. Picked a good horror, made a tea and grabbed my blanket, and just vegged out lol. I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye walking past the opening of the kitchen. I usually do not think much of it as it's happened all my life but my puppy kept looking over there then back at me. Eventually, he jumped off my lap and went to explore. This is the first time he's picked up on it with me. Animals are well known to see the spiritual. He's a little more intimidated by them than I am however lol

Woke up feeling good today. I took a sleeping aid last night to help me fall asleep as I wanted to just drift off but my brain is wondering if penguins have knees lol. I have a hard time shutting my mind off most nights. I slept deep and I woke up feeling really good. I have a therapy appointment today. We have been doing virtual appointments, for now, I much rather have them in person. I have a few errands to run after work then I am off for a few days again lol. It's supposed to rain so I am hoping I make it out before it does. I put my crystals on the window sill to recharge this morning but now it's starting to cloud over :( I invested in a rose quartz bracelet. I have the stone but I wanted one I can wear, daily. If you know about crystals, rose quartz is known as the love and heart stone as they have a high vibration of energy. They work in so many ways. The stone gives off a very soothing and gentle energy and resonates with the heart chakra. It aids in healing negative emotions, promotes love and intimacy, supports harmonious relationships. The crystal can also help to heal emotional wounds, eliminate fear and anxiety, and restore peace into your life. In this case. As well as those, there are healing properties like, Opens the Heart Chakra. The heart chakra is located in the middle of the chest. The stone can help to unblock toxins that might be present in the heart chakra, which can lead to the release of anger, pain, childhood trauma, neglect, lack of love, and low self-esteem. It also soothes negative thoughts. It also promotes self-love. First and foremost, rose quartz will help you love yourself, allowing you to engage in behaviors that benefit you first, before the people around you. As well as, Spiritual Healing. One of the most surprising benefits of rose quartz is how it helps to ease the transition of grief. When you lose someone you love, having rose quartz by your side or on your body will help to make the transition easier. Aside from the spiritual, mental, and emotional healing properties of the gem, it also promotes a number of physical healing properties like headaches and migraines, kidney and spleen issues, asthma, circulatory problems thymus, heart, and lung issues. Dang, I can ramble, anyways it's good for so many things. I am using it now for self-love. Healing my own heart and mind. Not to mention it's really pretty lol

I just received notice our internet here is having a wide power outage issue and mine keeps going in and out. That is likely why it's so quiet haha. Paid to sit here, I can handle that lol Would be even better if she let us go. We are basically useless without it.

Well, going to go log my info for work then sit for another hour. Will write more tonight, perhaps post more from my private diary to here.

Have a wonderful day!

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