If I die today
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2021-04-19 05:49:29 (UTC)

life as it is

Yesterday was uneventful. I'm okay with the house chores that were done. IDK I just get so overwhelemd so I put a timer 10min each room. After cleaning a shosrt walk then I made mac n cheese with squash and a frozen burito. I ate too much so went to go for a walk and to my suprise when I texted before I left nDEa asked if I wanted him to go so of course him and the dog. He wasnt feeling great yesterday IDK whats up . He has a lot goinf on so we just kept it low key a walk n ride with coffee the dog sat in the back. The wind is around 10 but I think that i'll workout inside and maybe just do a causal walk later. I slept from a little before 10 I woke up at like 5something but then drited back but real close to 6 I was up . Got my coffee grounded and made a french press so I'm on cup 2 or maybe its 3 lol of my 32oz. Nothings really killing me todaythat I know of. Not too much on my mind no real plans today I gotta stretch n workout I need to cook some chicken tenders I dethauled and for dinner I'm having chicken soup cleaning out the ends of my older fresh stuff and using some frozen to make room in the freexer for the next I also need to make sure I'm getting my nutrients so this works for me. Well I guess this is life still going.

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