Do Not Disturb

2021-04-17 17:33:57 (UTC)

RL Foods

So my old job called me asking me to come back and work for them. Wendy's. I worked for them for like a year. I wouldn't think that they would still have my number but I told them that I would think about it because I already have a new job at KFC and they pay me $9 an hour but Wendy's said that they'll pay me $10. I guess they lost a lot of people since I quit the job and is trying to get me to come back.

Theirs a reason why I quit that job in the first place and I might not even be at this current job that I'm at for long anyhow.

The other job is way farther than,the job that I have right now that is close to home. So, I don't know. Decisions. Decisions.

- A

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