Sex, Alchemy and Craigslist
2021-04-18 23:21:46 (UTC)

Life 6.1

I'm so tired! Biology 1 is killing me. I'm in a sexless relationship. How long must I remain without?

I think to the early days of my relationship. They were very selfish. I accepted it because I understood. Is it my turn to be selfish? I had my annual, I'm disease free. Wed I get my 2nd shot. I'm ready to be a ho!

I realize I'm seeking a bf, and not a lover. I want a conection and a weekly brunch. I was on TikTok today. This guy coined a new date type. 'Nap dates" where you come over in your jammies and lay on his shoulder. While you sleep, our souls get to know each other and we fall in love by the time you wake up. We are so desperate to fall in love, we negate all the steps that make it great! Men have raised themselves. Women are too damn tired to control their sons. Men just don't care.

Clearly, I'm tired!