2021-04-19 05:20:06 (UTC)

The New Guy #8 Pt.2

Dear diary

I sat and recorded the whole argument between my neighbors, Chris, the man whore and James, the Unfaithful.
I was dumbfounded as to what we as women mean to these men. Nothing, in short.

Non the less, they got into each other hair, Chris threw the first punch, things got heated, I decided to press the panic button in the room so that the house alarm could go off to put an end to, well whatever that was. I called my dad to come to the house, told him to come into my bedroom, then i would make my appearance as i know it was safe then, since my dad would probably shoot who-ever he saw in the house, that wasn't me.

After about 30min, approx., i heard footsteps returned to my bedroom, my dad called for me.
As i made my appearance, I was happy and relieved to see him.

Told him what happened and decided that i was going to live with my parents for a few days, I also took some vacation days. Needed some sort of get away, luckily i can still work from home. If there was something that James wanted, he can get it freely and get it out of my house.
This past Saturday morning, i got a text from Chris, it read:

Hannah bananah, hope you are still good?
Saw you left with an old dude, assuming that's your father.
Where were you? I was looking all over when i got your text.
James is still at bay.

Assuming that your still alive?

When are you coming home?

James is in your house, do you need me to deal with it.


Oh, so she lives.
Where are you?
Need some time alone.

Alright, i get it.
Let me know if you need anything.

Okay, i know you need some time alone, BUT
How about we go grab so drinks?


Sunday Morning

D0nt b m8d, dnt mean to yell!

good morning
I apologize, for drunk texting you this morning.

Are you still okay?

I will stop texting you then.