This Is It - 2021
2021-04-18 00:00:00 (UTC)

Spring 2 Cleaning


What's this? Me going to bed at a somewhat reasonable time?? The world must be upside down

Seriously, though, I know I said April was going to be about bouncing back or whatever and then just slept for half the month but I'm finally here! I've woken up and I'm going to try and be a person who Does Stuff.

Today my sister and I bopped around town looking for any Squishmallows that might be around, but we came across one (1) in the five stores we checked. Where have all the squishes gone? I think Walgreens restocks on Mondays, so we're planning to stop in again tomorrow and see if there are any. Literally any.

After our squish-venture I continued my cleaning routine. I cleaned the rest of the carpets - still not done though, since they have to be vacuumed again once they've dried - and started on my laundry. I didn't do every chore I had planned on doing today, but that was more because I didn't expect the carpets to take as long as they did and less because I was sleeping instead of working - Which I consider an improvement!! Just means there's a bit more to do tomorrow, I suppose

Maybe I should try one of those "100 Days of Productivity" challenges...

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