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2021-04-18 20:23:28 (UTC)

Just messing around all day in the garage 😉

Didn't do much today. Boring but mandatory chores. I did have fun detailing my truck though. It took a long long time. Then at the end of the day, I see my beater car. It almost seemed like it was sad and calling out to me because I've neglected it. I know it's stupid. Maybe some sentimental flashbacks. It's an 07 Acura and it was with me through the thick and thin of my ex nightmare moments. It was there for me and it's still with me now. I remember how my ex wanted all the vehicles we had and I mean all of them including mine during our divorce process. I bought her a new GMC Envoy at the time but no, that wasn't enough. She wanted my car too. Hehe. Long story short, the Acura is still with me. It's still very reliable for being 14 yrs old. The paint job shows a little. Not fading like some of these American cars where the roof and hood paint is coming off but it is losing some of it's shine. It still only has about 107K miles on it and has been well maintained. Still a fast little and nimble little car with a horsepower of 280 if memory serves me well.

Anyway, looking at my car after I just spent hrs detailing my truck actually made me feel bad. It was covered in so much wind dust that it looks like it was covered in dirt. I guess this is what happens when you live alone and don't own cats maybe? Haha. So I got my car up in the driveway and washed it. The paint needed something better than just waxing so I went with a good wax removing wash and a polish to restore it back as good as it can. Well, I didn't read that instructions because that's a man thing not to do and found out I couldn't get the fricking polish off. It felt like it was set in stone. I read the instructions after thinking it might say to use an orbiter polisher only but nope. It said not to let it dry and only do a 2'x2' square at a time! Doh!!!! So hoping I could fix it, I applied more polish in 2'x2' squares and quickly removed the polish. That worked thank goodness but it was getting dark and only got to take care of the hood, trunk, and roof since someone didn't read the instructions. I'm glad I got to make my car a little more spiffy. Thankful that it's still with me and it's one of the last few things in my life that is still with me when I went to hell and back then to hell and back again. Now that times are better, my car and I can hopefully live through better times. (OMG, should I be getting a cat or a dog or something?)

I had a steak thawing out and when it's ready, I'll be using my creme de la crem fancy smancy pot from a company in France. Don't recall what the name is at the moment but yea, that cast iron porcelain covered frying skillet thingy.

Boy, I did notice my truck really has a lot of red in it and you know what? I fricking love it!! It's one of those "to each his own" deals. So yeah, I guess it's in my dna... If ever I get lucky one day and hook up with a "girl next door" type of girlfriend and she comes at me with red underwear? Oh boy! Game over man. A man can dream :)

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