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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2021-04-18 14:01:31 (UTC)

Happiness is an inside job

Listening to - Fallen - Trevor Daniel
"Happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone that much power over your life"
Good Afternoon! ☀️

I changed my name here, That name was a name linked to my ex. Time's change. I will be focusing on myself, my journey I spent too much of my life focusing on others' needs and not my own. I want to focus on myself and my growth, my spiritual side as well.

It's an absolutely beautiful day out! I slept in again lol, I slept until 8:30. It felt good. I just laid in bed and scrolled on my phone some until my puppy whined to go outside. I myself spent more of it outside today I washed my windows. I am a short shit at 5'3 and my windows are quite tall. Thankful for ladders lol. My new neighbor was busy moving in today still. He waved and said "Good morning". I also washed my car and took out the winter mats and put in the summer ones. Praying that the snow is done. With mid-temps here, I am hopeful. I placed a grocery order too and that arrived just as I was finishing up my car. Now, I can relax for the remainder of the day aside from making dinner.

I cleaned out my phone last night. Deleted a ton and moved tons of pictures and videos to a memory stick. It freed up a whole lot of space lol. I also did some purging on some things. I have to start work back up tomorrow. Only one day then off for a few. Not too bad, a good transition in. I am also going to set my alarm again at my usual time so I can work out in the mornings before too. I may go for a run in the park E and I went to yesterday. I miss the routine. This lockdown has been hard. We have been in some type of restriction for over a year and this is our 3rd stay at home order. Well, It's not going to stop me from living my life. I take precautions, I social distance, I wear a mask but if I want to see friends or family, I will.

Well, I will write more later. Want to go back outside and find something to do, it's too beautiful to be inside :)

Have a wonderful afternoon!

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