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2021-04-18 08:39:46 (UTC)

My weekly recap 😉

Last week sure was a busy week at work. Except for a few things, I didn't get to go out and play all that much. The gym of course is a must. Keeps me sane and keeping me physically healthy-ish too :). I was able to squeeze in a little bit of fun and my chores to keep the house somewhat organized and somewhat clean. Remember that I'm a dude so clean for guys I'm sure is not the same as clean for a woman and I do not have OCD so no problems there for me having some things out of place. House and Garden magazine still hasn't called me 🤷🏽‍♂️

Anyway, I do recall the ex wife with some back and forth gibberish last week. She to me is now just like a mosquito bite that just itches and annoys you a little but no biggie. Funny how my life was so wrapped around hers long long ago. I did the uncomfortable and asked her if I could chat with the kiddos. I knew a positive reply had a 1% chance but I had to be true to myself that I needed to try things even if the chances are 1% chance of it succeeding. Of course, I won't include gambling because that's just stupid. Besides, when I hit the casinos, It's mostly the crap tables and black jack tables for me. That's where you stand the best chance of not bleeding your money out so quickly. 😀

I finally replied to Shaunti's request to go out. She is very pretty. Actually, one of the hottest women in our meetup group. I could even say I'm out her league for the most part but....... I had to turn her down. I know I won't get many if any more women asking me out anytime soon or...this year so I guess that it was stupid to turn her down. But I had to. She has a son and she wanted to bring him into the picture already. I just thought of her son and I just couldn't do it. It's opposite of what you folks may think. I bond very well with kids so I was concerned for him. Not many people will get it but I feel that the adults should get to know each other first. Then and only then should you introduce the kids into the picture. If you introduce them early on and if the dating thing don't work out, the kids shouldn't have to go through any pain at all. If kids are there at the beginning and we start bonding, then it'd be hurtful for the child to learn that Mommy isn't seeing Me anymore and that means kiddo isn't gonna see me anymore too. Not fair to do that to children I think.

I feel a little banged up this week. I've been hitting the gym pretty hard last week. I tried going heavier on some equipment. We can pick our weights and even when I try to slack off, coach knows me already and just picks up heavier barbells, dumbbells, and slam balls so no sense slacking off. I went heavier this week pretending to be a badass. Well, my body told me yesterday that I'm not such a badass and it finally caught up with me. I ran out of gas last night and actually went to bed at a decent hour because.... I was tired. Yup, Mr go go go was tired at 8PM. OMG!!! Is this what happens when you grow older? You go to sleep at a wimpy hr now? hehe. I'm ok with it. Still got 5 classes squeezed in and I did put in about 50 hrs of work so meh.. still got some oomph left in this body I think.

Still pretty happy my friend is back chatting a bit with me again. Nice to get a friendly message from her. So I'm up Early on this Sunday. I don't hear any birds this morning for some reason. They must go to a bird crossfit class too maybe and just as worn out as I am? 😝Got my coffee in bed. I love my mornings having coffee in bed. I do need to get one of those pillows that let's you sit up in bed so your back is comfy though. You know..... first world problems for the older people.

Today's agenda? more laundry. Sometimes I can't believe how one man can have so much laundry but I get it. Sometimes I go through three sets of clothes in a day. I shower in the morning for my day clothes, then I change to gym clothes, then I shower and change again. Well, sometimes not the underwear. At night, I go with no boxers sometimes and just my pjs or shorts and shirt. I know, tmi.

I washed my truck yesterday so today, I'm going to give it a wax and do the interior with some 303 to keep the dash nice and new looking. I think it's also time to treat the leather seats with my leather restoring solution. It still looks new and I want to keep it that way. Funny how cleaning my truck doesn't feel like a chore. Next to me having coffee in bed in the morning, it's like a zen moment for me. It relaxes me and even if it takes hrs to detail my truck, it still feels like only 20 min has gone by.

That's pretty much it for now. If I feel not so beat up today, maybe I'll squeeze in a thousand or two jumps on my jump rope. Happy Sunday everyone :)

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