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2021-04-18 07:55:49 (UTC)

Time Apart

Master has been away now for four days. Though i miss Him what i am regretful of is not having been able to see Him last Wednesday before He left early Thursday to visit family. Our individual work has kept us both busier than normal of late and that means our available time to visit has been reduced and that surely was the case last week. It didn't help matters that early in the week was compounded by that time of month for me, but i would have been more than pleased to have given him other pleasures which He claims i am especially good at. But alas that will have to wait for his return this week.

i found myself, as i sometimes do, thinking of him while with my husband. While they are quite different it is quite easy for me to close my eyes and fantasize of what Master would be doing or saying were we together at that moment. And at times i end up treating my husband to things that i know Master marvels over, which in turn pleases both me and my husband. So if there is a silver lining to this i guess it is that we all win in some small way.

i hope Master's trip has been fun and successful. He had also planned to look at some property there as He is contemplating relocating to be closer to them. i hope He finds what He is looking for as it is definitely not a good market for buyers.

i look forward to His return and hopefully i get to see Him tomorrow. i can't imagine my life without Him in it.