Living Without Lighting
2021-04-18 06:26:40 (UTC)

From Citizens to Subjects

So I looked at the news today at what's going on in Ontario, and needless to say I'm perturbed. The brown shirts seem to be a-marchin' again, although this time they've taken an affinity for maple leaves as their new insignia. At least they're trying to, as from what I've heard multiple police departments are refusing to participate in the whole ordeal. Good on them.

However I can't help but feel confused, and kind of "sus" about the whole thing. Was this a true attempt at a power grab, or was the Canadian government merely dipping their toes into the pool of tyranny, seeing how far they could get their feet wet until the people said "No"?

I seldom trust the news outlets here in America. FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ADHD, etc etc... they are all owned by corporations backed by political interests. What one news outlet tells you will be completely rebutted by the other, and such ping-pong of conflicting ideas has snowballed to the point where the public no longer has a grasp of a common truth. It seems as if the only thing these news stations agree on is that a divided country is an ideal country.

So why do we even trust news outlets with a political standpoint? The moment a party is involved in media production, you can be sure that they're going to pump out propaganda, not news. For every story they report on, they'll have their own paid opinion on it. With the internet, people are free to unquestionably subscribe to these ideals. "Cyber tribalism" is what they're calling it? Thanks to automated suggestion systems and the endless amount of BS on the internet, one can freely subscribe to a particular ideology and never once be challenged on their ideas. As a result, the concept and spirit of debate has been completely erased from today's culture. All that's left is endless arguments, typed hastily on glass screens and only replied to in the middle of one's daily shit or perhaps on the commute home.

I believe this is what's responsible for the blatant power grabs we've seen from last year, and why they're working so well. I'm not necessarily talking about "mask mandates" or "social distancing" mind you, I'm referring to the illogical curfews and checkpoints that countries outside of the US have dealt with. Who in this nation were truly aware of how last year, literally millions rallied in the cities of London and Berlin over their basic liberties? Why are we as a country ignoring the insane amounts of human trafficking that occurs within our own borders? Such concerns are quickly met with political buzzwords, and soon after shut down.

I'm beginning to fear what our future might entail. A future where the concept of individual value is lost, and people are measured up on their factions. As long as the human race fails to recognize the good in one another we are doomed to be divided into submission.