This Is It - 2021
2021-04-17 00:00:00 (UTC)

Spring Cleaning


My head feels Not Great, which isn't unusual, but I'm pretty sure this time it isn't lack of sleep - It's the ABSURD amount of dusk I breathed in cleaning the living room today. I didn't even realize there could be that much dust in a room that's well lived in. It's weird, I think moving around and vacuuming would keep some of that from getting all dusty, but I also don't remember the last time anyone seriously *dusted* that room, so that might have done it. But now all of the shelves and pictures are all clean! The carpets are vacuumed...One room's is shampooed too...Had to wrap up today before I was done because it got too late and my family wanted to sleep. To be continued tomorrow.

Nice to have some of that productive spirit kicking in once again. My room kind of looks like a storage closet by this point. Hopefully I can keep this energy up enough to clean and organize this place too. And do my various other things I need to do before classes start back on Monday.

My headache may not be from Tired, but my being tired certainly is. And I'm going to go to bed before I crash into fatigued like a Functioning Adult. As if I could pull that off (I'm thinking tomorrow might have a squish hunt before more cleaning. We'll play it by ear).

Whatever. Baby grown up steps

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