Shakespeare's moon
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2021-04-17 22:34:28 (UTC)


Your hand touching my face while asking me if I am okay with this. I can't even look you in the eyes while whispering "yes". Your hand slides under my chin and raises it up so I am forced to look you in the eyes. You gaze into my eyes, knowing the answer. "You don't have to do anything you don't really want to, you know? I could never force you, and you have complete control to stop this at any time." My eyes start to look down as you lean in and whisper in my ear "No, I want to see your eyes when you answer me."

My eyes meet yours and I tell you yes I am sure this is what I want. You see my lip quiver as I let out my breath I have been holding in. I feel your hands slide down my sides and grab my arms and give me a slight pull towards your body and I know it has begun. I feel your breath on my neck as you reach down to

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