London Life
2021-04-17 16:36:50 (UTC)

Coal Drops Yard

Thursday 15th April
By the time we got home last night it was too late to go on my run, and my back was aching from cycling with too many layers on (it’s still cold). So for once I managed to do an 8km run before work today, as I woke at 07:00, giving me time to wake up properly, though I barely managed to do intervals, as I hadn’t got the energy.

Jack went to see his friend again at lunchtime and I got my hair cut, as the hairdressers re-opened on Monday and I’d be seeing people in the evening. The council were there giving out leaflets about the new rules and pointing out that the shop would be closed down if they didn’t make customers wear masks. The council seemed to be using cheap casual labour, judging by the quality of their communication.

When I got to Coal Drop’s Yard for the crazy golf, Emily was already there - seems she’s only just gone into the office to get her locker contents - and Maike soon arrived, who I’d never met before, and I originally assumed to be a man, then maybe a butch German girl. In fact she was exceptionally pretty. She lives in Great Portland Street and works in tech at Liverpool Street. She’s working from home, as is her flatmate. Other golf participants were Simon, CJ and Pete.

From the start I was winning, probably as I’d already played last week. It was disappointing that some people were talking to each other instead of watching the other participants. At hole 1 the scores were: CJ 3, Simon 4, Pete 7, Lisa 2, Emily 5, Maika 4. After 2 holes it was 10/8/11/6/10/9. After 3: 13/12/15/8/17/12. After 4: 18/18/17/11/21/15. After 5: 23/20/20/14/23/22. After 6: 26/22/22/16/26/26. After 7: 30/25/29/20/29/32. After 8: 37/28/31/22/32/34. So I was always winning. And the final scores: CJ 42, Simon 31, Pete 37, Lisa 26, Emily 39, Maika 39 (lowest score wins). Only towards the end did I start missing putts.

I was pleasantly surprised that all the people came for a drink afterwards. The House of Cans was closed when we arrived – there was a “back in 5 minutes” notice. We found a table in Lower Stable Street, and had been chatting for a while when I had the idea of giving out my four Camden Town Brewery cans. Soon Emily and Pete went to the can shop, but Pete couldn’t find anything with less than 6% gravity - he had milk and chocolate stout. Emily got a cider.

We talked about the London elections, the Camden High-Garden, Hampstead ponds, and hair-cuts. Maike’s got an inflatable kayak which seats two, and she’s rowed along the canal on it. She invited anyone who wanted to, to come on a ride with her.

Friday 16th April
Surprisingly I had a slightly fuzzy head, which didn’t help me when I had morning work requirements. We were going to Ellie’s at lunchtime, but just before our lunch-break I read in Camdenlist that Prtchard & Ure had opened an outdoor area next to the Overground (we thought they wouldn’t be open yet under the current restrictions), so we went there to lunch, as it was so sunny. After work I went on a run to Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill while Jack sat in the park until he got cold and went to the Co-op.

Spent the evening finishing the Top 100, listening to old tunes and doing Gopec on the sofa while Jack was doing his Picherwits puzzles – his mum has given him about 38 of them that she saved for him during the lockdown. Sarah wrote to tell me she was back in work after the pandemic. The play she was working on, Jack had been looking at anyway, so we booked it for July. I’m quite glad that there are gaps between the groups of seats, because of the virus, but it will give me more leg-room.

I searched for our Two-Together railcard, which we thought we’d bought in December and we need for our trip next week, and I assumed had disappeared from my phone because I had to reset it. This had happened to my own railcard, which I re-downloaded to my phone yesterday having not even realised I’d got one (I could have used it to go to Jack’s parents’ last week).

I could find no email from when we’d bought the Two-Together card, and no record on my railcard account. I could only assume that we’d not bought it after all, because the Tier 4 regulations came in about then. So I bought the Two-Together card but I was unable to transfer it to Jack’s phone, or take a screenshot, or find it on my laptop, so it will be crucial that my phone’s working whenever we travel. I can’t see why they won’t let you take copies, it’s got our photos on it so no-one else could use it.

Later I read more of my brother’s old magazines – Look And Learn this time, very detailed articles, considering they were aiming at a teenage readers audience, and I couldn’t answer many of the quiz questions. I read about George II's son Frederick and the Chaucer Pardoner's Tale.