If I die today
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2021-04-17 06:40:36 (UTC)

2 means 4

yesterday was a little off all day. Nothing much accomplished in the way of chores. I estiblashed that nDea wanted coffee around 230 with me so I made a whole press and well he got caught up in things after work then was ready at like4 and then called a minute after had to jumpstart his sisters car. So basicly I was watching tv at 4 and it got lame an episode I'd already seen I had an itch for a mojito so was going to kimo's when he said he was on the way.. so I turned around then he callled and said he had to jumpstart so I told him i'm going for a dirnk before 5 when they shiuold be picking up pace adn then I'll be home a little after 5 or can meet me there of course he wanted to meet me there and said the car wont tak emore then 20min. so I orded my mojoito and they were out of mint so thats a no.. I ended up with a mimisoa I was fished the first by 445 so went ahead on another. then he showed up we decided on food there . I had a red wine come out with my food. Then We played pool and hung out till it was about 10 we got a bottle of champange cheep nasty champange that remains half full on my kitched table now. We spent some time together we were both so tired he was home a little after 1 I want to say if not sooner. I was soo tired. I woke up at 7 . Getting keurgic coffee in me now then gonna heat up some leftovers or make use of something in a minute to eat. I have had 1 apple with my coffee. my stomach took it hard yesterday with the drinking and food choices are all adding up . its supposed to be a nice day so if I can get myself situaited I should take a long prayer walk. oh so my love actually cashed out the whole check as 1 so even thou I know I spent 8$ each on those first 2 drinks he told them keep one bill. He's such a good man I feel bad thou bc this is all me my thing. If not for me we'd been somewhere else so I guess thats the cost. WE ate there bc he didnt want to drink and drive. I cant have bread and I have allergies so my plain burger on lettuce-- that I was was a lettuce wrap came out more like a salad it was almost 14 and he mentioned something about a 17$ burger but he ended up wtih alfredo so Im not sure cost of his meal after a momisma he saterted to switch to beeer. I'm proud he chose not to drink n drive Ive never really gotten eveything I wanted outta that bar but meh it is what it is. I'm not super tired right. I do wish I would just left and went somewhere else and got my mojito soo Idk hopefully I wont try again for my drink today and hold off till sunday I do want to use an atm but its not essistal I'm just not sure what kinda trouble I can talk myself in today its just waiting to happen . Hopefully I can do something to draw me back into the LORD and HIS will and be productive I do think yesterday was a waste of my life. Except the love part I got a message after nDEa got home that he's so crazy about me . i think I made him happy even thou I'm not on my game. well this is just rambling and ranting I better start to take on the day.

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