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2021-04-17 00:10:20 (UTC)

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Sometimes I wish I didn't think at all because thinking always has me thinking up ideas, starting that idea and not stopping until I've got results from that idea. But whinging is the wrong word for it because I love challenges, shitty wanky life that loves to throw its gorilla poo at me, pah! Bring it on, shit-for-brains.

What a lovely hour of the day it is that I am writing at you-should-be-in-bed-hour. I stopped working two hours ago, just after 10 pm. Oh, the joys of being me. Granted, I made it happen, so not complaining, well, maybe a little. It's the thinking; you're your own worst enemy, T. You little minge.

Yep, I packed up the day job workload around three pm-ish, then got cracking with putting the designs together and ready to dispatch tomorrow. I spent AGEEEEES designing some very nifty compliment delivery slips, almost finished them without saving, and the electricity went out in the whole area!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you C's!

Thought, right, go for a run and burn out that frustration (not had sex since last weekend - I'm struggling!) You can't go on the bloody treadmill; the electricity is off. Okay, make some envelope labels. Can't use the printer electricity is out, fucktards.

I ended up making myself useful by putting more designs together, origami stylie. I spoke to my guy for a bit; we seem to harmonize so well that we even mirror each other when we're apart, with him going focus deep (mmm) into his work (senior management) then continuing at home with his business. But when we're together, our phones go away, and it is just us, our time, no distractions. It's the good stuff :)

Stuff to do tomorrow, housework, shopping, running, workout with ropes, then edit and upload features posts from our newer designs, promotions and set up the Amazon Ad. Now they accepted my Amazon store details. Sunday is my daughter and me time, and running and rope workout.

I should win the world record for most memory banked made up salad recipes of all time. I might even turn into a rabbit; I eat them so often - to be fair, I'm halfway there with my sexual hunger.

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