taking heed

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2021-04-16 20:16:56 (UTC)

clusterFord *cringe*

disaster. absolute disaster. the uk variant is ravaging the ontario county side, and other areas as well. ending all the health restrictions way too early in february during the 2nd wave (with variants!) was the first in a cascading array of fuckery by commander right wing cjnt doug FRAUD (lolz) that has lead directly to this moment. today, after the latest modelling data dump by the province that amounts to a white board with 7 red circles around the word "fucked", ford has pushed back his press conference three (3) times as he presumably receives briefing orders from Mattamay Homes on how much he's allowed to scale back production.

how did this happen. how are we allowing ourselves to be governed by the absolute worst pieces of shit people? globally. this is a global fucking problem. democracy is over, most people don't see it yet, but. i don't even know if it was ever really there. Really *italics*

alright, let's see what this clown show got..

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