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2021-04-16 10:29:41 (UTC)

Yesterday 😌

Yesterday was.....interesting. I had a small chat with the ex wife. Silly me thinking there was going to be some form of communication with her. I did tell her that she always hides when confronted with a situation. But I know I told myself if there is a 1% chance of anything to happen, I mean 1% of anything and not just the ex wife communicating, I should reach out and do it. So I did. Told her why she blocks me from things. Her response? "Not". So I said what she doesn't let me chat with the kids and that I have time to talk to them yesterday. Again, to my surprise, chat stopped and that was all she wrote. lol. So I can at least say I did my thing and followed what I tell myself and try something even at a 1% chance of it panning out. It's kinda sad that it doesn't even phase me anymore.

Anyway, I had to drive to work because I have some hardware in my cubicle that needed to be programmed, with various connections needing to be plugged and unplugged at times. On the way to work, I stop by this place called Jack's Urban eats and pick up a salad so my diet has been better as of late. From there, the gym is 5 min away so it's actually beneficial if I drive to work as it's close to my gym anyway. The day flew by and I admit, the ex messed with my feng shui a little. Nothing the gym can fix and I did take a walk around my work place. Nice campus and I had it almost all to myself.

Got home after gym class and instead of just closing the garage door, I stood outside for a bit drinking my leftover bcaa infused water to just appreciate the neighborhood I'm at. Very quiet suburb. All my neighbors are cool and I get along with them for the most part but I admit, I don't chat with them a lot. Just a few smiles exchanged and tid-bits of conversation. If there was a "girl next door" then things would be different. lol. But nope, not that lucky I guess. These are reminders I tell myself that life is pretty good for the most part. Can't complain really.

Today, a 2 hr mtg was cancelled at the last minute!! Woohoo! Happy Friday so far. Pics below is at work and my view from the front of my home.

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