2021-04-16 05:07:07 (UTC)

The New Guy #8 Pt.1

Dear diary -

Walking into my home, i come to find Chris, passed out on my couch with the TV blaring in the background, few beer bottles, standing around.

Some guard dog.

I walked to my bedroom when i heard glass shatter.

I ran to my closet, it has a hidden compartment, that was my main reason for wanting this house. After all, i am a woman, living alone.
Previous owner had it installed for Armory purposes, never met them but assume that they were ex military, also a one-way mirror. It also wasn't drawn on the house plans, so far, i like the previous owners.

I hid in the closet when i heard footsteps approaching my room.
James Clarence came into my room. He looked around, under my bed and also, opened my closet door. There he was, looking at me, and I at him. My heart was pounding at my chest, though i felt safe, the only thing between us was a mirror.

I text Chris, who was, still hoping he heard the shatter glass, downstairs.

"What is James Clarence doing in my bedroom?"

I decided to record this whole shananigans.

James was snooping through my travelling bag that i brought with me from my trip. Sniffing, EVERYTHING! Flinging my clothes around. What was he looking for?
He duct down, to see what was under my bed. A bunch of old memories, photo's from school. He opened the box, and looked through some photo's, he seemed to linger on one and folded it to fit in his pocket.

He quickly threw the box back under my bed when, he, we both, heard footsteps nearing the room.

It was Chris who ran into the room. ( I was both, really happy to see him and also, disappointed, i wanted to see what James wanted).

"The fuck are you doing here?"

"I can ask the same of you." James replied, cocky.

"Housesitting, where is she?" Chris asked.

I didn't want Chris, nor anyone to know about my secret closet. Coming out of it was no option.

"Housesitting? You? Your nothing but a whore yourself." James scoffed.

"Look who's speaking, atleast i'm open about my scores, women who want to be with me, giving consent, they aren't whores, we all looking to enjoy life, this is just one of life's wonders. Your married, hiding it from your wife, not to mention, kids!" Voices started to go a little bit louder than i anticipated

"Women are good for nothing, easy whores, breeding factories, cows milking their young."

------------------- Stopping right here-----------------------

As this happened a day ago, i'm still livid and highly upset that there are men still thinking like this.
We are more than mere 'breeding factories', 'incubation machines', and/or cows.
You as a boyfriend, father, husband, thinking that about your girlfriend, wife, even your own mother, when we all have, even at some point, had your back. Supporting you, encouraging you, going out of our way to do things for you even when we don't want to, putting YOU first, yes, going through physical (and some emotional) pain to bring you children of your own into this world to carry on your legacy.

What is your legacy? Cheating, degrading, embarrassing, hurting and disrespecting those around you and then you get pissed as to why we don't want to be intimate with you.

Agreed, we are not always easy to get along with, yes, we do have headaches often, yes, we'd rather do anything else but to have sex, but have you also took a minute as to think, why?

Why after a long day, of getting up early, packing lunches, getting kids ready, getting yourself ready, making breakfast, battling to get teeth cleaned, cleaning the house before work, getting kids in the car, dropping everyone at school, have to deal with work stress, dealing with insensitive people at work, customers, employees, bosses, getting kids from school, getting dinner started, getting the kids to do their homework, getting them cleaned up, bathed and ready for bed, getting your self ready for bed, cleaning the dishes and the house, going to bed late at night.