This Is It - 2021
2021-04-14 00:00:00 (UTC)

Birthday "Brunch"


Actually woke up pretty early (for me) today because I had Things To Do. Namely: Pack up what I wanted to bring back to my mom's house and get it all loaded up and roll out in time to make it back before lunch. I succeeded, and now have two mac-n-cheese cup boxes full of juice pouches and mixed fruit, green bean, and peas cups. Oh! And my variety boxes of tea I've been meaning to try but kept forgetting! Finally remembered that too.

Drove a couple hours (thankfully, no tires exploded) and had a...decent lunch with my best friend. It's her 21st birthday and I guess one thing she really wanted to do on it was have a mimosa with brunch. We were REALLY stretching it calling it "brunch" at 12:30pm, but she claimed that if we ate breakfast food it still counted. I had the pause because the food was good, if not a little Try-Hard Fancy (it was a kind of ~hipster-y~ place) and the waiter's vibes were all off, which can honestly just throw off the whole thing, y'know? Not too bad though, because we had a nice food and then running around to various nearby stores to see if they had squishmallows. (Bet you can't guess who got me into them) I found a couple that I thought were cute - and one of them had a description that fit me pretty accurately so of COURSE I had to get her.

I was supposed to get my car back today but a last-minute change of plans resulted in me getting consolation McDonalds. It was a good deal. I'm pretty easy to win over with food.

I thought I was going to start a neat little art thing but I'm comfy in bed so I'll push that back a little bit and go to sleep now instead. I've been up for QUITE some time today. And I get to cuddle my cat again! It was only a couple days but I missed his fluffy little face so much

No more long day - Only sleep day

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