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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-04-15 18:27:29 (UTC)

For Fucksake

It's half seven in the evening, I slept only five hours, spent the day mingling in the branch, exchanging business cards, making friends from external colleagues enemies.....muahahahaha then at a meeting doing my spill and getting that contract signed - job done! Left work at 2 pm, after receiving notification that I had four orders come in from my own business! Yippeee....right get home, get cracking, all custom orders - FUCK I'm knackered, not eaten all day, one coffee, fuck fuck fuck, I can't run and do a workout on no fuel....bollocks! I feel tired, the brain is dithering, eat woman eat!....FINE, giant salad, little bits of shredded chicken on top and a shit ton of fresh chilli and a vitamin C tablet. POW! Let's goooo! Oh shit, that food hit me like a ton of bricks, fuck it, phone my guy....almost cries with laughter, starts feeling horny, oh no fuck, no don't do that T...you've got orders to complete. Fucksake, start feeling tired, really tired. Stop it! Wake the fuck up, get on with it, only take a few hours. For fucksake! FINE, bye-bye babes, gotta get on with this. Kissy fucky licky sticky xxx Debussy on, brain start thinking your magic, fucking Debussy is not working, the cat wants a cuddle, ahh, no get off, need to think, on goes Einaudi, ahhhhh yes, my most favourite music. Brain calms instantly, minds start to clear, still dog tired, reeeelax. Focus shifts, come to my diary for inspirations from my own poetry, end up writing in here. For fucksake! Focus woman!

The End.

P.s update) T, it was pointless you coming to your diary poems for inspirations they are all lovey dovey hurty gurty dirty flirty plop. Ughhhhh...back to the drawing board.

P.s.s) It's really hard trying to be serious when you're not being serious. Fucksake