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2021-04-15 10:04:46 (UTC)

Wow! Been awhile since I saw the kiddos 😱

I didn't realize the years that just flew by. Ex wife moved to another State (suddenly and abruptly as usual) and poof!! Kiddos were outta my life. Last memories I recall was having Thanksgiving dinner with them. The boy actually said let's pray and I was pleasantly surprised about that. He then prayed for keeping the family together and that was a heart tugging moment. A week or so later, ex wife moved to Nevada and that was that. She makes sure they don't stay in contact with me and her reasoning is/was that she don't want them to miss me. I guess that's how some people's weird thinking works. Anyway, that was over 4 years ago now. This Thanksgiving will make it 5 years.

I hope that the times I had with them was enough to plant seeds of good. While I tried to instill what good was in me into them, the girl picked up on the importance of a good education. From the little breadcrumbs of information I've gotten over the years from me ex wife, the girl is in fact still doing good in school. In fact, very very good. So that makes me happy and I know that had a little of me that made her this way. The ex didn't even finish high school.

As far as the boy? He didn't take to school as well. He had a hard time learning but what I'm proud of that he excelled in was his heart. He was so honest and everyone in school liked him. Even the higher grade kids and the teachers too. I'm sure he passed a few times just because the teachers liked him. He grew up with morals and was very honest. You know little kids and they of course tell fibs because they're kids. Well, not the boy. He was even more honest than I am and he loved me even more than anyone I ever knew.

Anyway, I had a dream about them a few days ago so I guess that's why I'm thinking of them and missing them. I just hope they don't miss me. Yes, I'm hoping for that so they don't feel any hurt. Kids shouldn't be put in that kind of sadness. I just hope they don't have any weird mental issues from the ex taking them away. I worry that it will. All I can do is pray that they are doing ok and will be good people when they're eventually out on their own in Society.

I just can't believe it's going to be 5 years this November. I guess life just happens and I don't want to waste it just standing around watching people go by. Hoping this year will have an abundance of life events. Can't really complain. It's already Mid April even with Covid making a mess of the world. Looking forward to the future :)

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