London Life
2021-04-15 15:56:12 (UTC)

Central London rides

Wednesday 15th April
Had an early cuddle as knew I’d be working quite late, so didn’t have to rush to work. Along with the huge number of new entries in the Top 100 last week, I’ve got 185 new release tracks to go through, but the standard is pretty high.

Jack came home from the dentist by 12:00 so instead of having to come to meet him, I thought I’d take my folding bike to the bike shop, to get it roadworthy for our holiday next week. I had a feeling it needed something doing to it, but when I got it out it seemed fine, so we decided as we’d got plenty of time to go to the vegan lorry in Tottenham Court Road which we’d spotted on Monday, but wasn’t opening until yesterday. There is also a nice new spot to sit, by Tottenham Street. I was pushing my bike, with my coffee balanced on top of my meal, and Jack asked “shall I take that?”, I said “why?” and answered the question by promptly spilt nearly all my coffee on the floor.

Pete has joined my golf night, as well as Meike, who I haven’t met. I put it on the “social” WhatsApp, expecting the bloke from Leeds to sign up, but instead Emily jumped in, so I’ve got the 6 people maximum under current rules. I was quite worried a couple of days ago, when only one person had signed up apart from me.

After work we had a lovely twilight ride along the canal to Portbello Road market, though we made a wrong turn for a short time at Maida Vale. There was a vegan food market in operation, with a DJ playing ragga and house. We had a really nice Egyptian food mix, which we ate in the nearby gardens, as well as taking a brownie for later.

Then we walked the length of Portobello Road, coming across a tiny van-sized vegan restaurant called Comptoir V. We cycled home via Kensington Gardens, though with Jack navigating we went South rather than East, not realising our mistake until we saw Kensington Palace. We turned in the right direction which was all right as we went through the middle of the park in the dark, going home via Hyde Park and Regent’s Park.