If I die today
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2021-04-15 05:57:09 (UTC)

crap that kills

yesterday I slammed myself with lotsa unnessary things that dont match my goals of living to 125. Ugh on my coffee date with eMichelle of course I needed extra shots so 4 shots americano then when i got in I went ahead and drank the White Claw surge cranberry that I had left over from the other day. Then well nDea date coffee of course americano extra shots . I smoked choked both times I inhaled. There was sex and dinner was papa j pizza stuffed crust with extra cheese and we tried the jalapeono poppers. and the well at about 9 I took 3 3mg quick dissolve melations as well just assuming the coffee never gonna come out. This morning I woke up just before 3 then dosed back off then around 4 got up so I'm coffeed fed stretched gettin ready to toss dinner in the crock pot and start some chores. Wind is gonna be "breezy" whatever that meand but its like between 9 and 14mph now I think I can just plan to run and if it doesnt work out then haa. The leasing office might not be oopen today since the other complex needs attention I'm not sure if mangment is stopping in first so security safety-wise It deosnt seem to be a poing in waiting for the office to open to run to the dumpster. Had a good visit with eMichell very encouraging. Kinda sad her daughter is going to rehab and well yCassid is struggling and homeless. IDK what to make of it all . I'm a little suprised the eMichell isnt going to get the jab. She has concerns and seems to be aware of the truth althou she did mask up for the coffee shop. Thats important to me that people dont surrender and arnt ruled by fear and tyranne. I saw a sign the week we went to get the bik in portland we stopped in that shop nDea and I ( I switched topic) anyhow it said when tyranee becomes law rebellion is duty. The other sign in that shop said if you come for mine (pics of guns ) you better bring yours. Thats the side the fence I'm on . IM not red or blue and I have never voted . In my opionion voting is just a gage to see where you stand but has no impact on what the planned actions will be the results are pre determined or maybe even if not adavanced planed its still not up to us. Oh eMichell looked up abotion reversal pill bc I keep seeing the sign outside of hope medical I'm just courious. I dont need one haha. Anyhow its something that is basicaly still expertimental but I guess thats good to know. No news from ATTY yet so waiting that out. Someone I want ot say yJudy J from iPatt's group text often a group text your daily blessing yesteray I did read it was psalm 33:3. Itbefore the verse the blurb was basiclly about a new begining the dark clouds of oppression lifting. To me it spoke directly about what Id like to hear as far the divorce but who knows. Well pretty much nothing really remarkable to say today same same old stuff lotsa foolishness counter intuitive to my 90 year stretch but I'm hoping ot get it back together and shape up.

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